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v3.0 April ‘22 Release | Vincere Mobile
v3.0 April ‘22 Release | Vincere Mobile

Updates to Fees Dashboard, plus new features Deals, Consolidated Activities, & much more

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We’ve brought more high-powered features from Vinny’s web platform to Mobile.

Check out the updated Fees Dashboard, which has been redesigned to include more metrics & look its best on mobile screens.

We’ve also taken the power of features like Consolidated Activities and Deals & put them into Mobile. Now the total power of Vincere is in your hands.

Read on to get the latest on our updates.

1/ Fees Dashboard updates

The Fees Dashboard has a new look perfect for mobile, with better visibility and more metrics like Target and Deal Fees.

New tables and filters will give you more precise insights on Fees, anywhere & any time.

a. UI Updates

  • Changed UI and layout for increased readability on mobile device screens

  • Added a “Show More” button under the Top Performers list

    • A Target % next to Top Performer names will show you consultant performance.

  • Overall Target % goal will change based on filtered users. Adjust the names of consultants to learn how close teams are to hitting target.

  • Added Deal Fees for better visibility

b. View Placements / Retainers / Deals details on the new table added to the main screen:

c. Now you can filter by:

  • Fee Type

  • Fee Sources

    • Placements

    • Retainers

    • Deals

  • Period

  • User

  • Company

  • Candidate

  • Deal

2/ VinnyChat updates

a. UI Updates

  • We’ve added more styling options to format text in VinnyChat:

    • Bold

    • Italic

    • Strikethrough

    • Bulleted list

    • Ordered list

    • Blockquote

3/ *New* Activities tab

To give more visibility, we’ve added a brand-new Activities tab under the Analytics page.

Go here to view the volume of Activities across the system, similar to the headline Stats found on the Consolidated Activities dashboard.

(Want to drill down into more Activity detail? Check out the also-new Consolidated Activities for mobile below.)

4/ *New* Live Feed

Say “hello” to the Live Feed, a.k.a. Consolidated Activities, now in Mobile. By filtering in this table, you can get the full picture of all actions taken in the platform.

Tap on any Activity log to get more details.

a. View the main Live Feed table by all records for a general overview:

b. You can filter Activity records by Entities / Category / Marketplace item / Period:

c. Go into any Activity log for the full details:

4/ *New* Deals for Mobile

Deal management is now available for Mobile.

Use this new addition to add, edit, and link Deals on the go, just like you can in the Core CRM | ATS.

a. There’s a new button to create Deals from the Activities > Quick Add menu:

b. Use the new Deals Table to view a list of Deals with status and forecast fee info:

c. Get more the full info on any Deal with the new Details page:

  • Now you can view all information for individual Deals:

    • Deal Information

    • Custom Fields

    • Deal Forecasting

    • Status Update

    • Company Information

d. Edit Deals information in two ways:

  • Tap the Edit button

  • Double tap any information section

e. Now you can add Comment / Task to Deals directly from mobile:

f. We’ve included some new Action Menu items:

  • Move Stage

  • Comment

  • Task

  • Upload Files

  • Change Deal Status

  • Link this Deal to Jobs

  • Delete

g. Select “Link Deal to Jobs” to choose any related Jobs from the same Company of the Deal.

5/ Updates to user management

We’ve given more fine-tuned controls over user permissions. Admins now have more granular control over what consultants can access in Mobile.

In Core, go to User Settings > Permissions > Vincere Mobile to set the following permissions:

  • CRM

    • Companies

    • Contacts

    • Jobs | Leads

  • ATS

    • Jobs

    • Candidates

    • Applications

    • Placements

  • Comms

    • Chat

    • Groups

    • Shout-outs

    • SMS

    • Notifications

  • Analytics

    • Activities

    • Fees

6/ Brand-new language support options

On the go & global: Vinny Mobile’s got three new language options. Now you can use the app in German, Spanish, or Japanese.

English is the default language setting. To update your language preferences, choose from the main menu (under Tasks) and select one of the following:

Note 📢 Are you a fan of Voice to Text notes? There’s support for you, too.

When you update language preferences in Vincere Mobile, the app’s Voice to Text feature will automatically match your choice.

Now you can read, write and speak in any of our supported languages, without fiddling with any other settings.

7/ *New* Twilio SMS, now in Mobile

If you have a Twilio account connected to Vinny, there’s good news: we’ve brought the power of Twilio SMS to the Comms Hub, so you can connect on the go.

Search by Candidates or Contacts quickly in the Comms Hub and send out SMS templates you’ve set up. Done and done.

Messages will sync between your desktop and mobile app.

a. You can access Twilio SMS with a new menu item:

b. Now you have the power to search for Candidates or Contacts to send messages. Find them by phone number or name:

c. You can also make your communication faster by using SMS templates and sending them here:

Note 📢 You can configure SMS templates for Twilio from inside Vincere Core, under User Permissions. Find out how here.

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