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Vinneo Dashboard 101
Vinneo Dashboard 101

Everything you need to know about Vinneo at a glance 🎥

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The Vinneo Dashboard gives you instant stats on Outreach and Vinneo performance:

Vinneos requested: The number of invites you have sent to Candidates

Vinneo completion rate: Percentage of invited Candidates that have finished their Vinneo recording

Vinnneos shared: Number of Vinneos that were sent to Contacts

Outreach sent: Number of Outreach video messages put out to Candidates and Contacts

Outreach views: How many times those videos have been viewed

You can get an overview of all video messages currently in your database on the Vinneo Dashboard (example below). The recordings are sorted by newest first by default. You can filter the list of videos by the columns listed to get the info you need.

Additionally, this table can also be searched by text, or by Video or People type.

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