From the Candidate's or Contact's Quick View or the Profile, click on the Portals icon to see the following information:

  1. Brand Site: the title of your Portals site - this is set by Vincere team and is not shared publicly with your candidates or contacts, but if you need to update the name here, please reach out to our team.

  2. Invitation: this is the status of the invitation email with an activation link for your Candidates / Contacts to activate their portal.

  3. Account Status: this is the status of the Candidate's or Contact's access to the portal.

  4. Activation Status: this is to show if the Candidate or Contact have activated their account via the activation email.

  5. Action: the action resend invitation email, deactivate or activate Candidate's or Contact's account

When Candidates / Contacts are invited from Vincere

1. As soon as the invitation is sent from Vincere:

2. When the invitation email is sent successfully to the Candidates / Contacts:

If the Candidates/Contacts have not received your invitation to Digital, you can click on Resend to trigger the invitation reminder to your Candidates/Contacts.

3. When Candidates / Contacts successfully activate their account and login to the portal:

When Candidates register themselves on the Candidate Portal:

You can deactivate your Candidates/Contacts' access to the portal by clicking on the Deactivate button. Your Candidates/Contacts will not be able to log in.

Their Account Status will be updated to Inactive.

If you'd like to Reactivate the account for your Candidates/Contacts, click on Activate.

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