Private Training Academy

What is the PTA?

A live training experience made up of 7 key sessions, designed to take you through the core functionality of Vincere that every business, no matter what size or industry, needs to know to utlise Vinny to its full potential.

One price for all of your users

Each session runs on a specific day at 10am, 12:30pm and 02:30pm

High Level Overview - Everyday

This session is designed to give you a high level overview of the platform, we'll need around 30 mins of your time and we'll cover the basics to give you a framework for the future sessions. Think of this first session like a quick demo and our future sessions more like in-depth training.

What you’ll learn

  • An intro to Vinny 🙌

  • Sidebar Menu

  • User Settings

  • Quick Add

  • Quick Search / Advanced Search

  • ATS Pipeline

BD & Market Training - Every Monday

In this session we'll focus on the CRM inside Vincere. This includes Companies, Contacts & Distribution Lists. We'll look at Vinny best practices and ways for you to unlock the power of the #RecOs

How to add Companies & Contacts

Navigating the CRM

Distribution lists

Adding BD activities

CRM Pipeline

Job Qualification - Every Tuesday

In this session we'll focus on Jobs inside Vincere. This includes looking at how you can create brand new Jobs or Job Leads, auto-matching & creating comments.

We'll look at Vinny best practices and ways for you to unlock your power of your jobs in Vinny.

What you’ll learn

  • Adding Jobs

  • Adding Job Leads

  • Viewing Jobs

  • Auto-matching

  • Comments

Pipeline Building & Sourcing - Every Wednesday

In this session we'll focus on building your pipeline inside Vinny. This includes looking at the various ways you can add candidates to the platform including Quick Add & from LinkedIn and how you can create Talent Pools.

We'll look at Vinny best practices and ways for you to unlock the power of your Vinny Candidates

What you’ll learn

  • How to add Candidates quickly

  • Adding Candidates from your emails

  • Importing Candidates from LinkedIn, Github & Xing

  • Creating Talent Pools for your Candidates

Unlocking Vinny Search Capabilities - Every Thursday

In this session we'll take a look at Vincere's powerful search tool. We'll show you the different types of searches you can run for Candidates, Contacts, Companies & Jobs including some tips on how to get the most out of boolean & saved searches.

We'll finish with some Vinny best practices and tips for you to unlock the power of Vincere's lightning fast search ⚡️

What you’ll learn

  • Table Search

  • Intro to Quick Search

  • Free Text vs Field Searching

  • Advanced Search

  • LinkedIn Search

  • Boolean & Saved Search tips

Job Control - Every Friday

This session will focus on managing your pipeline inside Vincere - you're in for a treat! We'll cover everything from shortlisting & arranging interviews through to offers/placements.

What you’ll learn

  • Pipeline Overview

  • Shortlist

  • LiveList ™

  • Arranging Interviews

  • Offers

  • Placements

  • Renewals

Mobile App & Vinny Chat - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

This session will last around 20 mins and we'll cover the power that is Vinny's brand new Mobile App. The Mobile App is a great way to keep connected on the go, it's like having a mini Vinny in your pocket. We'll also cover VinnyChat which is a great way to stay connected with your colleagues both on the Mobile App or Web App - and of course in real time!

  • An intro to our Mobile App

  • CRM

  • ATS

  • Quick Actions

  • VinnyChat

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