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Accelerated Training Academy
Accelerated Training Academy

Get the most out of Vincere with our Accelerated Training Academy

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Accelerated Training Academy

What is the ATA?

Ready to rise the ranks? Launch into your 5 day training programme and equip yourself with Vinny knowledge, skills and expertise to earn the designation of a 00 Agent.

  • One price for all of your users

  • Each session runs at 10am UK time for EMEA customers, 1pm Sydney for ANZ/APAC

Level 1 - Bootcamp

Configuration & Admin Training - Every Monday

This session is key to the success of configuring Vinny for your company brand, processes & procedures.

What you’ll learn

  • User Management

  • Candidate Sources

  • Groups, Tags & Locations

  • Field Configuration

  • Email Templates

  • Admin Settings

This session is designed for Super Users

Level 2 - Agent

BD & Market Training - Every Tuesday

This session introduces you to Vincere and the various ways to navigate around the system. You’ll also learn how to create Contacts & Companies alongside BD activities.

What you’ll learn

  • Intro to Vincere - Sidebar & User Settings

  • Adding Companies and Contacts

  • Creating Distribution Lists

  • Logging BD Calls

  • Sending BD Emails

  • CRM Pipeline

  • Adding Job Leads

Level 3 - Field agent

Job Qualification - Every Wednesday

Level 3 gives you the tools to add Job Leads & Jobs to Vincere whilst demonstrating how to send TOB and other key docs to your client.

What you’ll learn

  • Conversion of Job Leads

  • Adding Jobs

  • Posting Jobs

  • Comments & Tasks (Jobs)

  • Sending TOB’s

Level 4 - Special Agent

Pipeline Building and Sourcing - Every Thursday

In this session you’ll switch your focus from the CRM to the ATS where you’ll learn how to add Candidates, create Talent Pools and identify the various ways to search your database.

What you’ll learn

  • Adding Candidates (inc Velocity)

  • Creating Talent Pools

  • Comments tasks, meetings - qualification call, debriefs

  • Searching for candidates (Quick Search/Advanced Search)

Level 5 - 00 Agent

Job Control - Every Friday

In this session you’ll learn how to shortlist candidates, strategically send Candidates via the LiveList, arrange interviews & finish up with making a placement.

What you’ll learn

  • ATS Pipeline Overview

  • Shortlisting

  • LiveList™ (Sending)

  • Floating

  • Interview Rounds

  • Offers

  • Placements

  • Group Quiz

Once you have attended the Accelerated Training Academy you will unlock a 1 hour Q&A with a trainer.

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