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Tagging Suitability for the best Client-Candidate match 🤝

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With Candidate Suitability, you can tag records to ensure the best possible placements and keep all parties happy.

There are two elements to Suitability: preferences and exclusions. A preference is set when a Candidate is a good fit for a certain Company (or just one Company site).

Exclusions are set when a Candidate should not be posted to a particular Company or site. The Candidate will not appear in searches when looking to make a placement there.

To get even more granular: Candidates can also make their preferences or exclusions known. This is a handy feature for recruiters placing Candidates with more specific placement requirements.

In health care, for example, a Candidate might work a day job at Hospital A, but also want to pick up some Temp shifts on the weekends. Their contract prevents them from being placed at Hospital A, which you can tag with an exclusion. But they’d be a great fit for Hospital B, and you can mark their status as preferred.

Best of all, this information is automatically synced. One source of truth, period.

Note 📣 Exclusion logic is only applied to the following actions: Float to Contacts, Shortlist, Send, Make Placement, Renew Contract, or Pre-book/Book Candidate to Shifts.

Candidate Suitability Settings

View Suitability in the Candidate profile Header (in Quick View or Full View). The blue number is for preferences, and the red number is for exclusions.

There are two ways to change the Candidate’s Suitability settings.

One way is to select the Candidate’s profile in the Candidate Table and choose the “Candidate Suitability” action (under Updates).

This opens the Candidate Suitability table for that individual. Here, you can add more preferences or exclusions for that Candidate by selecting the “Add” button on the top right.

Select the Preferences or Exclusions tab within the table to update either status.

You can perform the same updates within a Candidate’s profile in Full View. Click on one of the Suitability numbers at the top of their profile to open the Candidate Suitability table and edit their status.

Once preferences and exclusions are set, you can edit them with the pencil icon under Action in the Candidate Suitability table.

The following dialog will appear when you edit a Candidate’s exclusions. Select “Continue” to confirm their exclusions and prevent them from showing up in the tagged Company’s future Job searches.

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