What is the Quba Solutions app?

Quba Solutions specialises in support for the recruitment sector, providing finance and 100% full back office assistance. Quba Solutions provides credit control, payroll & invoicing services, and gives finance and debt protection.

Here's how the integration works:

Quba Solutions gives recruitment agencies the ability to pull through Candidate, Client, Candidate Placements, and assignment records from Vincere into DynamiQ via API.

These can be imported individually, or several at a time.

Assignments will create the Candidate and Client records as needed when imported, saving the user the necessity of having to run three imports.

The user can then add in any final details needed and complete the assignment record ready for timesheets to be generated.

How to get started:

Speak with Ashley Lyas, Director, by writing to ashley@quba.solutions or calling 077 69 69 2306. Or contact Rik King, Director, by email at rik@quba.solutions or phone at 078 87 72 2055.

Where to go for support:

For support, contact molly@quba.solutions or call 01305 233 178.

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