The Button Widget is one of the most common UI elements. They make it easier for users to interact and navigate around your site.

The button widget allows you the ability to create and style the following options:

1/ Icon

Choose an Icon for your button.

The icon option lets you display icon graphics to visually guide your visitors around your website.

2/ Text:

Enter your button text here to encourage visitors to interact with the button.

  • Some common phrases for buttons are "Click here", "Read more", "View more", "Contact us"

3/ Settings

This option tab allows you to:

  • Choose your button style: Normal / Outline / No Styling

  • Add a link to redirect your site visitors to the relevant location. You can link to many different places including a page on your site, an external web address or a document.

  • Set the link to open in Current Tab / New Tab when visitors click on the button.

For more styling options such as changing Font Style, Width, Height, Margin and Padding, click on the Brush.

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