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Import your Adobe Fonts | Vincere Portals
Import your Adobe Fonts | Vincere Portals

If your fonts are from Adobe, check out this article for more information on how to add them to your job portal

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Getting Your Font Code from Adobe

1. To get started, sign in to your Adobe account

2. Open the Web Apps and Services menu > choose Fonts

3. Search and choose your Font to open the Font details page.

4. Click on Add to Web Project

5. Enter a new project name or select from your existing projects.

📌 TIP: If you want to import multiple fonts to Digital, simply add the Fonts to the same project.

6. Copy the code that you see and click Done.

Embed Your Adobe Font to Digital

1. Go back to your Digital account > click Design > Choose Custom Adobe Fonts

2. Click Add Fonts > paste the code you’ve copied from Adobe to the Adobe Embed Code box.

3. Click Save when you’re done.

Using Your Adobe Font

  1. Open the Styling of the text that you want to edit

  2. In the Font Family, type in your Font to search and select your Font. You will see all the Fonts added to the same project.

  3. You can also choose the fonts from the Typography settings of the Area Styling or Global Settings.

Note: if you have multiple fonts in the project, it might take a few minutes for your Fonts to be imported to Digital.

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