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Overview of the Customizer | Vincere Portals
Overview of the Customizer | Vincere Portals
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The Customizer is where you can access your job, candidate and client portal site settings to configure the styling and design.

You can edit or update your website at any time, even after it’s published.

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To access the Customizer:

  1. Go to your Admin Dashboard

  2. Click on Customizer next to View Site


From left to right:

  1. Hamburger menu icon: Collapse the left-hand panel to open up the preview area in the Customizer.

  2. Site navigation drop-down: Search and navigate between your site’s pages for editing.

  3. Design:

    1. Change Theme Manager

      1. ⚠️Important Note: You get access to 2 basic themes: Default theme and Triumph theme. Your Digital site is set to the Triumph Theme. If you want to change it to the Default theme, any changes made on the Triumph theme will not be available on the new theme selected.

    2. Custom CSS / Custom JS: CSS & JS Editor

    3. Custom AdobeFont: import your Adobe Fonts to Digital. Learn more here.

  4. Job Portal | Candidate Portal | Client Portal: Easily access the portals for editing.

  5. Desktop | Tablet | Mobile Editors: Switch between the editor views

  6. Eye icon: Show or Hide the area title (Example: Header, Content Top, etc.) in the Preview

  7. Preview | Revert | Reset | Publish:

    1. Preview: Open the Preview mode to see how your site looks before publishing.

    2. Revert: Reverting will roll back to the previous version of your site. This will then undo the customization made on your site.

    3. Reset: Resetting will delete all customization made on your site.

      1. ⚠️Important Note: Only click this button if you want to start again.

    4. Publish: Click Publish when you’re ready to make the changes live on your website.


These are the default areas (or regions) of a page. These areas will vary depending on the page that you are on and the theme of your site.

Navigate between different areas by clicking on the area tab.

You can also click on the blue area title on the preview area to open the Settings & Styling of that area.

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