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The Comms Guys Integration for Vincere
The Comms Guys Integration for Vincere
What is The Comms Guys integration, how to get started, and where to go for support
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A quick demo of The Comms Guys 👇

What is The Comms Guys?

Your world-class phone system, on your device – no need for clunky ‘on desk’ handsets.

Here's how the integration works:

  • To make a call, simply click a phone number within Vincere.

  • When a contact or candidate calls you, you’ll be notified on screen with a pop-up, and can answer accordingly.

  • Details of these calls will be saved to the relevant sections of that contact or candidate (automatically or manually).

  • The inbound pop-up will give you 3 options; Answer, Reject, or Open Contact/Candidate.

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How to get started:

Contact our Sales Manager to discuss your requirements and receive a bespoke proposal at

Where to go for support:

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