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Updates to Employee Schedule, Expense Report and Timesheet Activities

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We’ve made a ton of updates to our Timetemp module to make processing Temp Workers, Invoices and Expenses a breeze.

1. Employee Schedule Updates

Recruiters, Recruiter Admins and Managers can now enjoy our new and improved employee schedule dashboard.

With updated UI, views, filters, employee contact info and a whole new real-time employee clock-in status, you now have an arsenal of tools at disposal to manage your Temp Workers / Employees.

2. Timesheet Activities

Timesheet activities including clock in methods, clock out methods, timesheet submissions, rejections and approvals are now all stored in one centralized easily accessible location.

3. Expense Report Updates

Workers / Employees can now generate Expense Reports directly from the TimeTemp web and mobile apps. There’s no limit to the number of potential Expense Claims on one report (unlike the limit to your budget 💸).

For example: Workers/ Employees can set up an Expense Report for a ‘Work trip to Paris’. Within this report they can put in claims for travel, food, drinks, and hotels - all with receipts attached to one report.

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