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Refine and filter your Candidate searches using facets

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Faceted search is a technique that augments the traditional search with a faceted navigation system. Users can now narrow down search results by applying multiple filters, helping them filter and refine their Candidates to get specific matches. Searches are now cleaner, easier and faster.

Faceted Search allows users to see the number of records broken down by fields Job Title / Skills / Industry / Functional Expertise / Years in Workforce / Employers in real time.

You can also add other facets at the same time. Facets show you what is available as you broaden or narrow your search; filters alone cannot do this.

🔥 Important Note: Remember: garbage in, garbage out. If you have poor information flowing into your database, this will affect your search results.

To help you, we’ve just released our new Data Integrity Dashboard - check out the details here.

Here's how it works 🔎

To get started, head over to the Advanced Search Options drop down menu (top left corner) > select Candidates.

You will see the Faceted Search filters on the left.

For example: you want to search for Software Engineers or Software Developers, with skills in Python Programming and C++, within the IT & Technology Industry tag, that have at least 5 years in the workforce.

Let’s start with Job Titles.

You can choose between Current Job Titles or All Job Titles.

When selecting All Job Titles, Vincere will show the results of Candidates if any of their Job Titles (past or present) match the selected option. This allows you to see any relevant experience from the Candidate’s CV.

Select the Job Titles you want to search for. In our example: Software Engineer...

...or Full Stack Developer.

The Candidates whose Current Job Title matches either of these criteria will show in the Candidate result list. In this example, we have 69 Software Engineers and 24 Full Stack Developers, so our search gets 93 total Candidates.

Now we want to drill down to only the Candidates with skills in Python Programming and C++.

Let’s take a look at Skills.

For example, you might have 1267 Candidates with Python Programming skill in your database. However, out of the 93 Candidates that have been selected using the Job Title facet, only 32 of them are skilled in Python Programming.

Below the Job Titles facet, the Skills facet will then show you Python Programming (32). These are the Candidates with the skills you want.

But you also want these Candidates to show skill in C++. Select C++, and you’ll drill down to 19 Candidates.

Note: The values within the Skills facet uses the “AND” operator. This means you’ll get Candidates that have all selected skills.

Continue to drill down your Candidates search using other facets such as Industries / Functional Expertise / Years in Workforce / Employer.

Following from our earlier example, this is the Candidates search result we get in this database: 8 Software Engineers but 0 Full Stack Developers, who all have skills in Python Programming and C++, within the IT & Technology Industry tag, and who have at least 5 years experience in the workforce.

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