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Konquest Integration for Vincere
Konquest Integration for Vincere

What is Konquest, how to get started and where to go for support with the Konquest integration

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A quick demo of Konquest 👇

What is Konquest?

A commission management tool that automates the calculations of consultants’ commissions and bonuses.

Here’s how the integration works:

  • Once a placement is made, compensation & placement details are synced to Konquest

  • Commissions are automatically calculated and allocated to the right payroll periods including overrides and other complexities.

  • Consultants have real-time access to their earnings pipeline and managers can view their team's earnings

  • Customizable approval process, including adjustments like guaranteed bonus, splitting deals or deducting clawbacks.

  • At the point of final approval, all commissions are available in an exportable format, compatible with your payroll software.

How to get started?

Konquest is available in Vincere’s marketplace. To get started, reach out to Konquest: for an account.

How do I set up / turn on the integration?

👉 Follow the step-by-step guide here.

Need support for Konquest Integration?

👉 Reach out to a member of Konquest's support staff HERE.

💻 MISSED THE WEBINAR? Catch the replay!

  • Best practice tips for commission structures & reward schemes

  • Actionable ideas to incentivise your consultants

  • The 'Do's & Don'ts' of commission policies

💡 For more information about Konquest, visit

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