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September ‘20 Release | Intelligence
September ‘20 Release | Intelligence

New candidate & contact source dashboard, application source tracking, sticky filters for Booked Fees and more 🎁

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1/ Candidate & Contact Sources

What was previously known as the ‘Lead and Candidate Sources’ dashboard is now renamed to ‘Data Sources’.

This upgrade follows our Sep ‘20 release, where we introduced the ability to track application sources, giving you insights into where your best placements are coming from.

The update includes:

a. A new visual look, including a brand new color scheme and new chart type.

b. Ability to drill down by ‘Application Source’ or ‘ Candidate source’

c. New filters to filter by Date type: ‘Registration date’ or ‘Placement date’

d. Top 15 sources & the ‘Other sources’ category

This dashboard shows the top 15 sources. If you have more than 15 candidate or application sources, the report aggregates the numbers into the ‘Other sources’ category:

e. ‘Revenue per Source’ is renamed to ‘Booked Fees by Source’

Note for Placement chart:

Only placements with profit split or Job owner will be pulled from Vincere and reflected on this dashboard.

g. New columns for Report Data

Two new columns have been added to Report Data: Candidate Source & Application Source. You’ll be able to sort these columns too.

2/ Sticky filters for Booked Fees

Configure your default view in User Settings and you’ll be able to see your preferred filtered view every time you go into Booked Fees.

*Note that this filter setting only applies to the Booked Fees dashboard. Sticky filters will be rolled out to your entire Intelligence suite by the end of Q4.

3/ Renamed Job Types

We’ve also updated the Job type filter to reflect the job type names you’ve configured inside Vinny.

*This applies across all dashboards in your Intelligence suite.

4/ Updates to drill down log | Goals

Exporting the Goals dashboard now includes the type of activity in the drill down log.

5/ Weekly filters | Booked Fees

You asked us for Booked Fees with a weekly drill down option and we listened!

You can now filter the report by week and this allows you to compare actual revenue against revenue targets down to a weekly level.

6/ Deferred Fees renamed to Future Fees

a. Ability to filter by placement status

b. Drill-down into your data and see placements by: New, Renewal - New, Finished, Renewal - Finished

7/ Filter by Job Category | GDPR

a. Ability to export the GDPR dashboard

b. Report now displays all job categories by default

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