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All your questions answered after the Release V14.3 webinars

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πŸš€ 1. Q: Are there any plans to add availability for interims? I.e how would you track and search for candidates that are finishing a contract in September for example? It would be useful to track what contractors are coming to the end of their assignments? Is there a way to implement this using the current functionality?

A: The best option for this would be to use the availability calendar to track their availability as September and then search for this using the Availability search. You also have the option in Advanced Search > click into the filters and search for contractors who are finishing in the next 7, 14, 28, 90, 180, 365 days.

πŸš€ 2. Q: When someone is available as of the 1st of September, and we add this date (1st September) as the first date, will Vinny also pick up this candidate as available as we conduct a search the 15th of September?

A: With Search Availability, you can select a date that was in the past to show candidates who were available on that date. Simply use Availability on a specific day -> choose the date of September 1st and choose the time if needed. This will then show a list of candidates who were available on September 1st.

πŸš€ 3. Q: Can you add more than one person to be reminded? (invoice scheduler)

A: You can add more than 1 Accountants from Settings > Email Settings > Accountant Emails. Vincere will send the Retainer Invoice email to these accounts based on the schedule that have been setup (on a specific date or at a specific job stage). Please note that Vincere does not send out invoices automatically. The Invoice Scheduler will create draft invoices. These can be viewed and approved by users who have access to Pay & Bill.

πŸš€ 4. Q: Please could you explain the difference between the 3 new Perm Sub Types - Contingent, retained and exclusive?


  1. Contingent: the recruiter will only get paid if they successfully fill the role.

  2. Exclusive: the recruiter has the role exclusively but still only get paid if they successfully fill the role.

  3. Retained: the recruiter gets paid for the service that they provide rather than a fee for a successful placement. Typically, the recruiter will receive a fee upfront before the search begins, and receive another payment when the shortlist is provided and then the final payment when the role is placed.

πŸš€ 5. Q: Where will consultants be able to track the retainer invoices they have sent? i.e. with perm placements they can head to the β€˜placed’ chevron - will there be a chevron in the jobs screen?

A: Once the Retainer Invoice is sent to Accountant, the invoice draft will be created in the Pay & Bill stage - Invoice (the last stage of the chevron pipeline). Users can also filter the Retainer invoice using the Retainer Invoice column in the table view to see which invoices are for retainers without having to click into the invoice.

πŸš€ 6. Q: How can you see date CV sent on the dashboard?

A: You can see Sent Date and Sent User from the ATS Application pipeline. Go to Custom Columns > Search for Sent > Select the columns to add them to your table view.

In User Engagement > Report Data tab > Drill Down Log, you can also see the date and time of the action.

πŸš€ 7. Q: When will retainer invoices appear as booked fees for the consultant?

A: When the Retainer Invoice Draft is Approved & Send or Approve & Mark as Sent

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