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Invoice scheduler, a Job table analytics, mandatory quick add fields & much more

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A brand new Dashboard on the Jobs table now provides users with full visibility of their job pipeline. We have added analytics such as "total jobs", "Active candidates", "Active applications", "Forecast Fees" and "Booked fees" to the menu bar. ๐Ÿ”Ž

  • Now users can see their activity on the fly and drill down into all jobs, their teams jobs or just their own, and every time they do this the analytics will update.

  • Additional filters allow them to sort jobs by open, closed, active, non active and open & placed even open and closed jobs by date.

  • Further drills downs allow them drill down into companies, contacts, job types and to even exclude those jobs that only have shortlisted candidates as active applications.

  • They can also drill down in by column in the table view, perhaps limiting the jobs to those only open for 100 days or less. Again, each time they use a filter, even on the table itself, the analytics will change to match the table result.

  • This provides users with insights into their job pipeline like never before.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The numbers EXCLUDE floated candidates as they have no forecast fee against them. Also Booked fees only appear for Admin users, this can be toggled on for individual users in the User Management settings.

Our Retainer invoicing just got a sophisticated upgrade ๐Ÿค“

We have added 3 new permanent sub-job types; Contingent, Exclusive and Retained. When you create a new retained job, you can create a schedule of draft invoices to be sent to the customer via your accountant. We provide triggers for the invoices to be sent:

  • On a specific date(s)

  • At a specified job stage

  • Manual send anytime

Whenever an invoice gets approved and sent by your accountant, an email notification will be sent to the job owner.

This is a big step forward from the current Retainer invoicing workflows...all part of our mission to help recruitment firms truly automate their Middle/Back office.

Working on the same searches or building the same candidate/client lists with your colleagues? Or are you a Boolean wiz and just want to show off - well now you can. Make your search public and everyone can see your search and try it out.

User can have literally hundreds of saved searches so be careful to make the name of the search as clear as possible to help users drill down to the appropriate search. Use the cool search function to narrow down what you are looking for.

We've equipped recruiters with an all-new availability search tool built with speed and precision in mind - thanks to the feedback from Vinny customers!

  • Two search options: search for candidates with Availability on a specific day or Availability on multiple days

  • When you search for Availability on multiple days: you can drill down using a combination of specific day filters + date range + TIME range

  • To narrow down your searches even further: you'll also have the option for Vinny to show candidates with exact date + exact time matches.

Great for contract and temp workers:

We've further enhanced the existing super powers for workers to set up to three availability slots per day - plus its much easier to use ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ“…

โœจ The usability improvements are as follows:

  • Repeat option for Mon- Fri enabled by default

  • Repeat end date by default allow users to add 3 months availability in seconds.

  • The availability feature can be accessed on the web or on their mobile phones.

โœจ One of the most requested features is now here. Mandatory fields on quick add

All user need to do is set the field as mandatory in the Field configuration settings and if it is in the quick add it will not allow the user to save it unless it has data entered.

Also we have given the feature a nice facelift with enhanced usability.


*This update applies across Company, Contact, Job and Candidate.

You can now update the Candidate status from the Placement page.

If you're relying on a spreadsheet to track document expiration dates, stop! ๐Ÿ›‘

๐Ÿ“… We have added the 'Reminder' field column in the File Library to manage expiry dates and set who is sent reminders and when. You can filter to a specific person to see all of the docs they are responsible for and then drill down via the expiry date filter to this week / month to see all expiring docs this week / month .

Table layouts just got a whole lot smarter ๐Ÿค“

We have provided a Vinny-prepared selection of layouts for user data tables; meaning whether they want to focus on temp or perm, compliance or their pipeline, we have given them some out-of-the-box default options to show what is possible.

When creating a new tax, users can now add a tax code for reference. This is useful for pay & bill related exports so you can export data and link it to other external systems.

Tax Code is also available in the Data Export.

User can now use the document builder templates and sign request for Umbrella or Ltd company contracts. The document will now link the company representative email rather than the candidate email in the Sign Request e-signature integration. #automationcheckpoint

This applies when the Pay Type selected is Umbrella Company or Ltd Co. or Corporation.

If a Job does not have an owner, it will not show in analytics. This is due to the team structure, as there is no way to assign forecast fees etc. So now, where a job owner field is empty, the system will now auto add a "Company admin" as a default job owner.

This will also apply to placements. If there is no job owner OR you need to apply a percentage of the profit split to the company, you can use the Company Admin user for this purpose.

NOTE: this only applies to Jobs and Placementโ€™s profit splits.

We have added better filter capabilities in tables enhance your search and drill down capabilities.

  • Previously in most filters you could only choose one option when filtering columns, now you can choose multiple.

  • For Date columns, the default filter is now set to โ€œis after or equal toโ€ AND โ€œis before or equal toโ€, to allow you to simple add the dates like Today and then a day a month away to quick filter a specific time period.

  • Sure, its a small enhancement but its the small things Vinny needs to improve upon along the way. #detailmatters #userexperience.

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