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How to set up an export report
How to set up an export report

Choose & customize the data you'd like to export

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Go to Settings > Data Export > Export Setup. Note: Only administrators will be able to do this - if you require access please speak to your administrator. 

Before you can schedule or run a data export, you first need to create the report. 

Creating a new report:

  1. Select field

Click the blue “Create new report” button

Select the Data Set:

  • Application & Onboarding data

  • Invoices & Onboarding data

  • Application, Invoices & Onboarding data

Select the fields. The options will be determined by the chosen Data Set. Use the filter button to find the fields you are looking for:

If you want to export onboarding fields, you must first choose the country so that the relevant fields appear. Custom onboarding fields can also be exported.

Note: The onboarding fields shown will depend on the Country selection - these fields will be mapped to the Candidates that belong to the application or invoice. Candidates from other countries will export, but the onboarding fields will be blank.

Click Next

2. Set up report

Name your file (this will be the name of the export) and choose the date format and decimal place number for exported figures.

Customize your export report by renaming the header of each column

You can rearrange the columns by clicking and dragging each field

Click save, and your report is now set up and ready to use to create an export schedule. To read about how to set up the export schedule, click HERE.

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