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Job alert notification frequency, document type configuration, GDPR Explicit Consent updates, enhanced logo settings & more

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1/ Frequency for Job Alert Notifications 

When candidates subscribe to job alerts, they can choose their preferred notification frequency: Daily or Weekly 

2/ Configure Doc Types

Admins can now choose which document types are displayed to candidates for selection on the Candidate Portal.

Depending on which document types are enabled, candidates can tag it from the drop down like so:

3/ GDPR Updates | Explicit Consent

Vincere will now automatically update Explicit Consent & Expiry Dates for this section:

Here's what happens for new candidate registration:

Here's what happens for existing candidates:

4/ Enhanced Logo Settings

You can now customise the logos for the Job Portal and Candidate/Client portal separately.

This is useful if you need a different logo for the Candidate/Client portal login and registration pages as they are displayed against a white background.

5/ International phone number prefix 

Candidates and clients can select the international phone prefix when inputting phone numbers into the E-hub. The default prefix will be set based on the detected location of the IP address.

Phone number fields will display with the country’s flag and prefix assigned:

  1. Candidate portal (registration & profile)

  2. Job applications page

  3. Client portal (registration)

6/ Update Availability *New*

Candidates can now add their availability in the Candidate portal.

This syncs in their profile in Vincere.

7/ Industry-specific preboarding documents

In line with v14.1 release, candidates will be able to log into their portal and upload documents as specified per industry.

For more details, on how it works and how to get started, click here. 

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