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Setting up CloudCall integration
Setting up CloudCall integration

How to get started and set up CloudCall for Vincere

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1. You need an account with CloudCall

If you don’t have an account and wish to get started, you can click here to get in touch with the CloudCall Team or you can also reach out to us via the help centre, so we can connect you with a CloudCall representative.

2. Enable Cloudcall in Vincere

Note: Your CloudCall onboarding setup representative will be assisting you with these steps.

Go to Settings > Marketplace > CloudCall

  1. Enable Cloudcall using the toggle

  2. Input all the CloudCall Account details: You would be able to find all this information from your CloudCall portal.

Note: Please note that once you've set up CloudCall and decide to disable the integration, everyone in your user authentication set up will be removed. This means that if you toggle the integration back on, you will have to re-add all your users.

3. Check that you have Vincere set up on your CloudCall account

Note: Your CloudCall onboarding setup representative will be assisting you with these steps.

Log on to your Cloudcall portal website and click on Sync and select Vincere CRM and go to the Authentication tab

These details will be requested and sent to your onboarding setup representative during the setup process.

4. Set up User Authentication in Vincere

Go back to Cloudcall Configuration in Vincere’s Marketplace.

Add new user account to enable select users to use the integration:

  • Select user.

  • Add the user’s Cloudcall account number & end user password.

    Please note that when you deactivate a user in Vincere, you would also need to remove them from this user setup.

5. Configure Call Categories & Events

After setting up your Object mappings in CloudCall, you can map them into Vincere KPI/Goals.

In Vincere, this is where you map CloudCall categories to goals/KPIs in Vincere:

  • You’ll see all the CloudCall categories you have set up on the left.

  • Click on the ‘refresh’ icon to pull categories from your CloudCall portal.

  • Map the individual categories to Vincere goals from the dropdown on the right.

  • Click save when done.

6. Download Chrome Extension

Download CloudCall’s chrome extension here.

7. Connect the extension to be used with Vincere

Once you are logged into the extension, go to main menu (4 dots on the top left)

Select settings, then select CRM > Vincere.

The plugin will automatically reload.

Once all of the above is completed, you’re ready to start using the integration.

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