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Consent to Keep Vs Consent Given [GDPR ]
Consent to Keep Vs Consent Given [GDPR ]

How to track GDPR compliance

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There are 2 columns to track if candidates have complied to GDPR.

  1. Consent to Keep

You can find this in the Candidate's list like this below:

Consent to keep will only change if you enabled the setting below in Engagement hub. This will require the candidate/applicant to register or create an account before applying for a position.  

Consent to Keep status:

  1. Unknown - The Welcome to Engagement Hub has not been sent yet

  2. Pending - The Welcome to Engagement Hub has been sent and waiting for the candidate to register and login to the portal

  3. Consent Given - The candidate has registered to the portal

And when a candidate registers, and selects this tick box, it will change the status to Consent to Given

If your candidates are not seeing the tick box, make sure you have uploaded your Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy in the Candidate Portal settings.

2. Consent Status

You can find this in the Shortlisted stage like this below. If the status has been updated it means the candidate has given consent to the job they are assigned to.

You can also find the 2 columns by just heading to the Shortlisted stage.

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