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Minor tweaks & new functionalities added to elevate the overall Candidate Experience

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1/ Search similar jobs by Industry & Functional Expertise

Industry and expertise tags are now hyperlinked and will open up in a new tab to show other jobs with the same tags.

2/ New Setting: Ability to rename job type

A new setting on Candidate Portal > Site Setting, administrators can choose to rename the job type names to be displayed to Candidates in the Portal.

For example, if your business is in Australia, you’ll use the term ‘Direct Hire’ as opposed to ‘Permanent’.

Your candidates will see the job name in the candidate portal for selection like so:

You can drag and drop fields to customize the Advanced Search bar on the Engagement Hub. 

The layout automatically resizes to fit so you don’t have to worry about how it looks. Just focus on what you need to show candidates.

4/ Improvements to Job Alert Subscriptions

Candidates can now manage current alerts and set up new alerts directly on the Job Alerts tab with a new Job Alert pop-up box.

5/ Ability to hide fields in the Basic Info & Other Information section

Decide if you’d like to hide or show fields simply by using the toggles like so:

6/ Improved usability when adding a new Work Experience

Adding a new company now appears at the top of the list so it’s visible for candidates to add their new experience. 

Also, the work experience section will be reordered chronologically based on the Start & End date.

7/ Engagement Hub is now secure (HTTPS supported)

If you're using a custom domain for your Engagement Hub, the site will automatically be secured with HTTPS.

Not sure what HTTPS is? Read all about it here.

Landing December '19 🚀

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