What is VerticalResponse?

VerticalResponse is a company providing software for sending email marketing, online surveys and direct mail for direct marketing campaigns.

Learn more about VerticalResponse here

What this zap does:

By using this zap, when a new Candidate is created in Vincere, a Contact is created on VerticalResponse.

This is perfect if you want to create Contacts on VerticalResponse whenever a new candidate is created in Vincere

How it works:

  1. New Candidate created in Vincere

  2. Create Contact in VerticalResponse

What you need:

  1. Vincere Account

  2. VerticalResponse Account 

1/ Set up the trigger

Trigger to use: New Candidate created in Vincere

2/ Select your Vincere Account:

3/ Set up the Action:

Action to use: Create Contact in VerticalResponse

5/ Select your VerticalResponse Account:

6/ Now map the data that you want to pull from Vincere and push into VerticalResponse:

7/ Test & Continue

Finally, turn the zap on! Your zap is ready for action. #TheVincereWay

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