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How can I get a list of candidates with a specific status and send them an invitation to the Engagement Hub?

You can do this by using the table filters in the ATS. Within the ‘Consent to Keep’ column, you can choose to view candidates with specific statuses. Once you’ve filtered down to your desired view, you can bulk select and send them the ‘Invite to Engagement Hub’ email.

Who receives notifications when there is no candidate or Job owner?

By default, Vincere sends notifications to the Candidate owner(s) and Job owner(s). If there are no specified owners, you can decide the users who will receive these notifications:

Go to Marketplace > Engagement Hub Setup > Candidate Portal > Subscribers for GDPR notifications

What if I’m not using the Engagement Hub? How can I track GDPR Compliance?

You have the option to do this manually. Within the Compliance section of each candidate’s profile, you’re able to manually update the GDPR related fields.

GDPR does not affect me because I do not deal with citizens in the EU. Is there a way I can turn off the functionality on the Engagement Hub?

Yes you can. In the Setup page, navigate to Candidate Portal > Settings. Look for Privacy | GDPR section. Simply toggle the feature off to disable the GDPR-compliance features.

What happens when a candidate applies for a job who is not yet registered on the portal?

There is no longer an ‘Apply Now’ button on the application page. All candidates will be required to register for an account and actively selecting the T&C’s and Privacy Policy before applying for a job.

Is there an unsubscribe button for candidates?

This is a feature in progress scheduled for release in Q3.

What happens if candidates apply via Job Boards?

If Candidates apply through a job board, and are not already in Vincere, Vincere will invite them to the portal automatically

For more details about GDPR for recruitment, visit our dedicated GDPR resource pages here:

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