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Google relies on a schema to identify, classify and surface jobs from across the web as soon as they are posted. The Job Posting documentation is publicly available here. Google requires that you add structured data markup to each job posting.

Every job published to the job board is set up and presented to Google in line with their schema. Here’s a quick overview of data properties we send:

 a. datePosted

 Publication date for the job posting.

 b. baseSalary

 The base salary of the job or of an employee in an EmployeeRole.

 c. employmentType

Type of employment (e.g. full-time, part-time, contract, temporary)

 d. industry

 The industry associated with the job position.

 e. jobLocation

 A (typically single) geographic location associated with the job position.

 f. salaryCurrency

 The currency (coded using ISO 4217 ) used for the main salary information in this job posting or for this   employee.

 g. title

 The title of the job.

 h. validThrough

 The date after when the item is not valid. For example the end of an offer, salary period, or a period of opening   hours.

 i. Experience Requirements

 Description of skills and experience needed for the position or Occupation.

 j. skills

 Skills required to fulfill this role.

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