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Candidate Portal | Site setting
Candidate Portal | Site setting

What candidates see on the Candidate portal?

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Head over to Settings > Marketplace > Engagement Hub > Setup > Candidate Portal > Settings > Site Setting

The Site setting is where you can enable certain sections the candidate can see when they are in the portal:

  • Enable Job Application list - This allows your candidate to see a list of jobs they have previously applied for

  • Enable Document Completeness - This shows your candidate a percentage bar to track their progress when onboarding documents are requested by you. You can read further information on the candidate onboarding documents here

  • Turn on the Job search on Candidate Portal - This allows your candidates to search for jobs within the engagement hub

  • Change the system name of job type - Admins can choose to rename the job type names to be displayed to Candidates in the Portal.

For example, if your business is in Australia, you’ll use the term ‘Direct Hire’ as opposed to ‘Permanent’.

Don't forget to Save your changes! 

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