1. What do you want to export to MailChimp?

  • To export Candidates from Vincere to MailChimp, use Talent Pools.

To learn how to do export to MailChimp, read it here.

2. How does the export work?

From inside Vincere, you will select the Audience you want to send the Talent Pool or Distribution List .

The Audience list is synced from your MailChimp account.

3. MailChimp Pricing & Costs

MailChimp's current pricing ( as of May 2019) is based on number of:

  • Contacts

  • Audiences (your lists)

Details on MailChimp pricing here.

4. BEST PRACTICE: What is the best way to manage Audiences from Vincere?

To keep costs low (within the Essentials pricing plan of Mailchimp), we suggest the following practice:

  • Have only 2 Audiences in MailChimp: 1 for Candidates , 1 for Contacts

  • Make use of Tags to segment your lists in MailChimp. You can tag Candidates & Contacts for segmentation for more targeted campaigns.

  • Check that you only send valid emails to MailChimp: e.g exclude all fake/ placeholder email address from Vincere. 

  • For example, to filter out email addresses which end with '.comx' or '@noemail.com' create a search string as follows:

5. Want to send more customized data to MailChimp?

You can build a zap using Zapier to automatically send Candidates/Contacts to Mailchimp. Here's how.

If you're new to Zapier, learn more here.

To get started with Zapier x Vincere, read more here.

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