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Customizing Job Application Form | Engagement Hub
Customizing Job Application Form | Engagement Hub

Learn how to customize your job application form in the Job Portal of your Engagement Hub

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You can do this from the Setup page of the Engagement Hub.

  1. Go to Job Portal

  2. Click on Job application form

  3. Click on 'Create New'

4. Name the form
5. Drag the fields you need from the right
6. Drop the field into the content area

7. For each field, click on the edit button to configure the fields on the form.

8. Required:ย 

Select this to make this a mandatory field upon form submission

9. Label:

This is the title of the field.

10. Options:

Depending on the type of field you select, you are required to configure the field values / options candidates can pick from.

11. Add Option +

Use this to add more options for the field

12. Rearrange the fields on the form

Simple drag and drop to rearrange the order you'd like the fields / questions to be displayed:

13. Hit 'save' when you're happy with the form.

You can come back to edit anytime.

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