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v2.1.0 Nov ‘19 Release✨ | Engage
v2.1.0 Nov ‘19 Release✨ | Engage

New Document Verification Status ✔️ & Major Infrastructure Upgrades 🛠️

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  1. Document Verification Status

In line with our v12.14 (November ‘19 Release), we’ve also added Document verification to our Onboarding feature in the Candidate Portal for Candidates.

Here’s how it works:

When your candidates upload their required compliance documents on the Candidate Portal, they will now be able to see the Approval Status for each of the docs:

The next step is for verifiers to approve / reject the documents. Read more about this here.

Clicking on details will show comments that have been added by the verifier in a pop-up box:

❓ Where do these documents go?

These documents will automatically sync from the Candidate Portal to Vincere against the Candidate’s Profile and can also be accessed from the File Library (fully-searchable).

P.S. You can also set permissions on who can access compliance documents, configure default verifiers and define the documents you need all from inside Vincere. This article explains how.

2. Infrastructure upgrades

We’ve made major infrastructure upgrades to both the back-end and front-end of the E-hub. While it seems like there are not much changes at first glance, this update actually sets the stage for additional enhancements and features that are coming on the roadmap.

If you want to know the details, here’s what we’ve done:

Implemented Laravel Framework across the E-hub 

A modern, web application framework that is flexible & scalable enough to support how we plan for the E-hub to evolve & customer growth.

Update the UI to Bootstrap 4

This is the newest version of Bootstrap that puts mobile-first. Your E-hub is now more responsive than ever before. 

*Note: If you use custom CSS on the e-hub, this update may have affected your Job Board. We recommend for you to review your CSS code, or if you’re experiencing issues, we’re here to help!

Landing November '19 🚀

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