v12.12 September '19 Release | Vincere Core ⏰

This release is focused on delivering small and incremental enhancements, based on the feedback given by you, our wonderful customers

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We’ve added a bunch of new features based on your feedback to help you be more productive with your time - that's handy, right? So keep on reading to see what’s in store for you this release.

Original CV Preview Added to Comments ⭐️

We were told that the ability to have both the comments and candidate original CV open at the same time would help make your candidate registrations flow smoother and ultimately become more productive. 

Now when you are logging a comment against a candidate record, you can now click the original CV button to see both within the same window - yes, we did that for you! 

Renewal Placement Profit Splits  🤝

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work and at Vincere we recognise this!
When you have a placement where a split is involved, we will carry this information forward automatically when this placement is up for renewal meaning you will have to spend less time sorting out the finer details and focus on the next deal! 

You add your split details in the placement page here: 

Updates to Companies & Contacts 🏢

To give you that extra level of depth within each of your clients, we have added in Departments 🙌

You can now configure departments within companies and then assign those departments to contacts within that company. Departments are a great way to clearly map out your clients.

In the future, departments will also feed through to TimeTemp too.

Departments can be added within your company here:

Admin Permission Updates ⚡️

With more features comes more responsibility

We have now added in the extra ability to control which users can delete Companies, Contacts, Deals as well as editing Departments in Companies and Contacts. 

Fee Dashboard | Now Includes Retainers 📊

In the fees dashboard, we have now added additional information highlighting the number of retainers within the date range selected.

  • Fees now include invoiced Retainer numbers

  • Filter by Placement or Retainer

  • New Stat: Total Invoiced Retainer 

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