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The Forecaster

Allowing for Visibility of the business' expected revenue going forward

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Best Case ✅

Active Pipeline ✅

Job Health Check ✅

The forecaster dashboard provides visibility of the expected revenue your business is likely to see going forward. From a managerial perspective it is absolutely vital to accurately predict future revenue in order to assess individuals and business performance as well as giving the visibility to plan and invest in the business going forward. 

Head over to Intelligence:

Once your in Intelligence, head into ‘The Forecaster’. 

Best Case: 

This demonstrates the expected revenue your company is expected to receive. This data is displayed in a ‘Best Case’ figure, a ‘Most Likely’ figure and on an individual job basis. 

The Best Case figure on the top left is the sum of all individual best case figures from every open job in the system with at least 1 active headcount. 

The Most Likely figure is then calculated by the Best Case figure multiplied by the % of Jobs Placed. The % of Jobs Placed is based on your last 12 months placement data. 

To the right of the best case figures displayed how many active jobs (with at least 1 active headcount) you currently have as well as the total number of active candidates and active applications. 

 🔥PRO TIP: You can now calculate your ‘Most likely’ by the % chance of placement. To do this use the ‘Most likely’ filter on the right hand side and select % chance of placement. 

This then calculates the most likely figure by the sum of all the percentage chance of placements (for all jobs with at least 1 active headcount) set by the consultant in the Pipeline Management section from inside each job. 

Active Pipeline:

This dashboard highlights the ageing of jobs, candidates and applications in the system. This shows the average aging of each application stage as well as highlighting the last activity date for individual records inside the system. 

The purpose of the Active Pipeline dashboard is to monitor/track the old outdated jobs in the system in order to remove them from your forecaster dashboard. This way your predicted revenue will remain accurate. 

Job Health Check: This dashboard is another tool to assess the momentum of active jobs inside your system. The Job Health Check Dashboard visualises the jobs with positive or stalled momentum and the jobs that have required the least of most effort (activities wise).  

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