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Using Pay & Bill? Here's what you need to know before making the placement.

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In order to use Pay & Bill, there are several key sections you need to update before making the placement. The information in these key sections syncs to Pay & Bill to generate timesheets for your employees to fill out (including rules for automatic timesheet & invoice generation)


  1. Job Details:

First, let’s go to the Compensation & Fees tab from a Job’s profile. Make sure you’ve selected the correct Job type.

Remember Pay & Bill only works with Temp or Contract roles!

2. Calculations: 

Under the Calculations, setup the following:

  1. Time Management - select Pay & Bill

  2. Time Interval: is payroll on an hourly or daily basis?

  3. Contract Length

3. Pay & Charge 

Next, configure the Pay & Charge for this role. This is where you set up the base pay rate. You can choose from the following options on how you want your charge rate to be calculated.

  • Profit | Margin

  • Margin

  • Mark up

  • Charge rate


For example, you’ve chosen to calculate the charge by Margin. Fill in the intended Pay Rate and Margin %. To simplify things for you, the gray areas will be automatically calculated and updated for you.


4. Timesheets & Pay Rules

Now that we’ve got our rates set up. Let’s set up the Timesheet and Pay rules.

For timesheets, define the start day of the week. This is the day the timesheet will begin. Timesheet cycle is the period where your employees will have to submit their timesheet. 

For example, if you have chosen a Bi-weekly cycle, it means that employees have to submit their timesheet every 2 weeks. 

Pay Rules define how your employees are paid. You can set up how they are paid on day or night shifts and the specific rules for it. 

To suit those placements with more unusual pay rules, we have now added more Pay Rule options for you to choose from to apply to placements

  1. New Rule Type called ‘Part of Day’: This allows you to set a specific Pay Rule for a period in a day e.g 20:00 - 00:00 and apply a Pay Rule against that.

  2. Period Options: Days (all days), Days (weekdays), Public Holiday, Onsite, Offsite

  3. Pay rule exceptions: this allows you to set rule exceptions to override General pay rules

Shifts can be configured in the Admin Settings > General Settings > Organizational Settings > Compensation Page

Once you’ve configured the pay rules, it will be available for selection in the dropdown list.

This is the view of the payrules from within TimeTemp:

This is the result of hours worked from the Pay Rules view in TimeTemp:

5. Overtime

This is where you define the pay & charge rate for each pay name applied in the Pay Rules section above.

6. PTO and Profit Calculator

This is where you select the PTO settings to be applied for the placement. This syncs over to Vincere for leave/holiday management.

Note: Paid Time Off (PTO) is pre-configured in the Admin Settings. Click on the System Preferences tab and go to No. 8 to manage your PTO codes. (available for admin users only) 


Profit Calculator - the numbers you input here will be used to estimate the total fees for this placement.

Note: The ‘Working hours per week’ field is auto-calculated and pre-populates based on ‘Working hours per day’ X ‘working days per week’.

What happens if I need to make changes to the timesheet setup?

Don’t worry, even after a placement is made and your candidate is an active employee in TimeTemp, you can come back to this placement page anytime to make changes. 

Please note that the updated TimeTemp configuration will apply to the next timesheet period.




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