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Upgraded Pay & Bill Mobile | Add Projects | Decimal Timesheet modes

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As you know, we've been focusing on enhancing the Middle/Back office functionalities inside Vincere. The big one has been Pay & Bill which with the addition of Pay & Bill Mobile is really starting to come together. 

Here's a sample of the latest round of upgrades:

  1. Projects: Add Projects and track them on Pay & Bill

  •  Users will be able to align project hours to shifts. 

  • They can then send updates to clients on hours worked on each project.

2. Choose between two daily pay interval types:

  • Full-day/half-day

  • Decimal

3. Mobile app updated to include daily pay interval (decimal/full-day/half-day), leave requests, projects, and expenses. 

Here’s a couple of sneak peeks of your brand new Pay & Bill Mobile:

  1. Brand new Dashboard

2. Decimal mode Timesheet

3. Add expense - upload files or take a picture of your receipt.

4. Request leave - log your sick/holiday/leave days

Landing April '19 🚀

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