📣 A lot of you have been asking for insights into our next release so here you go!

Click into each of the links to see videos, screenshots and GIFs of the features in action.

  1. Float Candidates Enhancements (including float to Distribution List)

  2. Quick Add On-Costs for Compensation pages

  3. New Compliance layout (linked to Candidate Portal)

  4. SMS | vChat Enhancements

  5. Candidate Quick View | Edit the current employer field 

  6. Improved usability of menu in Candidate Summary

  7. Decimal mode for Day-based Timesheets

  8. Fixes on 1st / 2nd Interview columns in Applications table

  9. Add Monthly Salary in Jobs / Candidate profiles

  10. Candidates - new Candidate Fields

  11. Reorder Columns for new ATS tables

  12. Placements - link recruiters in Astute to Vincere for Profit Splits

  13. *TimeTemp Web and Mobile Enhancements (26 Apr '19 Update)

  14. *SignRequest Enhancements (June '19 Release)

  15. *Doc Builder Enhancements (June '19 Release)

*We've been testing these features and we believe they require usability enhancements, so they will be delivered within three weeks after this release.

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