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Jobs not on Google? Try this. 🔧
Jobs not on Google? Try this. 🔧

Troubleshooting guide for Google for Jobs

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Are your jobs not listed on Google? 

Not to worry! Here's a quick 5 step troubleshooting guide to ensure that you have completed all that is required for Google to pick up your jobs. 

  1. Do you have 'Google for Jobs' turned on?

Check that you already have all the Google for Jobs feature turned on: SEO > Google for Jobs

Make sure that you have #1, #2 & #3, turned on. 

2.  Are all required ‘Google for Jobs’ fields updated?

Check that all the required fields for Google for Jobs is updated.

All the fields that need to be filled out are listed here:  SEO > Structured Data

3. Have you configured your SEO settings?

Make sure that you have configured the Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions for your Job pages.

You can do this here: SEO > SEO Settings

4. Have you checked your sitemap?

We send sitemaps to google once a day so if the job was posted before the sitemap was sent, it may not have been picked up by Google.

You can check if your jobs has been sent to Google on your sitemap.

Access your sitemap here:  SEO > Google for Jobs 

If your job is posted but does not appear in the sitemap, please give it 1-2 days see if it appears on Google.

Still got questions? We're here to help. 🙂

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