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The very first release of 2019!

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Are you ready for 2019?  While you were out celebrating during the holiday season, we were pushing pedal to the metal in order to bring you the very first release of the new year. 

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Seek 

Recruiting Down Under? We’re excited to announce our partnership with SEEK, the market leader in Australia & New Zealand for job advertising and applicant sourcing:

  • Post jobs (up to a max. of 5 adverts at a time) from within Vincere. 

  • When candidates apply to a job posting in SEEK, the candidate will automatically be created, allowing you to review applications directly inside Vincere.

  • We’ll also be adding ‘Apply with SEEK’ on the Engagement hub which allow candidates to use their SEEK profile to apply for jobs in one easy click.

  • You can manage your applications from the Seek tab inside of a job. This tab will appear when you post a job to Seek. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: To enable your Seek integration, you will need to contact Vincere support and contact Seek separately. A setup Fee may apply. 

2. vChat (Beta) | Communication Hub

Introducing vChat, our very own chat module that lives right inside Vincere - a great way to reduce inbox clutter, and communicate in real time with your team mates. You can create group chatsor direct message teammates, and works like Slack.

If you run different offices, this is perfect for keeping your teams across different locations in the loop. You’ll be able to follow chats, @mention users to notify relevant users and start individual or group conversations.

This is the beta release, we will be adding additional features in the upcoming release due in April. 

Here’s a sneak-peek:


3. 2-way SMS | Twilio

Also, within the new communications Hub, we have added the new 2-way SMS interface. With supercharged SMS capabilities inside Vincere, now you can:

  1. Send and receive SMS messages

  2. Send SMS in bulk to groups 

  3. Customise and use messaging templates (including wildcards for personalisation)

Also we allow users to Filter SMS by:

  1. All: see all your messages

  2. ‘My Sent’: shows all your sent messages

  3. Response: shows all your messages or chats that you follow

  4. ‘My Message’: shows messages that you send, receive and follow

  5. Time Period: All | Today | This week

Please note:

  • You will need to have an active account with Twilio.

  • Phone number formatting is crucial to ensure deliverability of your messages. Read more about Phone number formatting here.

4. Configurable Job Application Forms | Engagement Hub

Now you can add application forms to jobs inside our Job portal. Go to the Job portal and create the new form:

  • Customise and build different application form templates 

  • Link application form to jobs (Coming post release on the 26th of Jan 2019)

All submissions are uploaded into Vincere as a PDF and attached to the Candidate profile automatically.

*Please note that this feature is available on the Job Portal of the Engagement Hub.

5. Merge Companies

Get granular and decide which details you’d like to keep or discard. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the company you’d like to merge 

  2. Select the details to be overwritten

  3. Confirm to merge. 

  4. You’ll be able to track the progress of your merges

Merges will aggregate the following from the selected companies:

  • Locations

  • Contacts

  • Jobs

  • Activities

  • Files

6. Merge Candidates

As with merging companies, you now also have the power to merge two candidates together. In addition you can choose what data to overwrite and what data not to. 

Please note that:

  • Only Personal Information will be merged

  • The ’old’ candidate will be deleted: Job info, Applications & Placement will be set to Reject.

7. Move Contacts

Has your client moved to a new company? 

You can update this by moving your contact:

  • All working data including Jobs, Applications, Timesheets, Placements will be transferred to another Contact inside the old company. 

  • If the old contact is an approver inside Timetemp, a message will also be sent from TimeTemp to inform the new Contact (Approver) of the change.

  • If the contact is linked to a candidate, the job history of the Candidate will be updated with the new company information as well.

8. Job Leads

Not all Jobs are real jobs...yet (fingers crossed). Maybe you’re working on closing a new client, or you have heard of jobs at a non-client company or you want to create an ad chase, in these cases you can mark these opportunities as a ‘Job Lead’. 

You can still do everything you need (as per a normal job) but beware that a Job Lead will not appear in the ATS or the Application stages. You can only view Job Leads in last stage of the CRM pipeline. 

 Don’t worry, you can easily convert it to a real ‘Job’ any time, once you convert to a job it will automatically move to the Job chevron in the ATS and any applications will now show in the ATS.

*Please note that the last stage of the CRM pipeline by default will be renamed to ‘Job Leads’.

9. Timesheets and Invoice Dashboard  (lands on 21 Feb)

  • Review your Invoice statuses by, paid, unpaid, partially paid. Review AP & AR by 30 day periods to prioritise follow up calls.

  • Filter between Sales, purchase and credit invoices by date, customer and consultant.

  • Review Timesheet status including un-submitted T-sheets. 

*Update: As we're prioritising bug fixes, this dashboard is due for release on the 21 Feb '19.*

10. Custom meeting/interview location

Now you can add custom other than the locations. This will be mapped to google and included in the email sent to the recipient. If the location was mapped to google maps, the Recipient will be able to click on the link and it will take them to the location in google maps location. 

11. New Applicant Notifications | Engagement Hub

Now, when a new candidate applies on the Job Portal, the Job Owner will receive an email notification like so:

You can configure this email template in the Engagement Hub.

12. TimeTemp v1.5 Updates (lands on 26 Jan)

✓ Day-based Timesheets

If the pay interval of the Contract Job is ‘Daily’, you can now select between two timesheet modes:

  • Hour based

  • Day based

With ‘Day-based’ timesheets, your contract employee will be able to submit timesheets without specifying their shift/hours.

✓ Multi-approvers (lands on 26 Jan)

If there are more than one approver, you can specify the approver (including the approval process required) in the Timesheet section of the compensation page.

13. TimeTemp Mobile v1 (lands on 31st Jan)

TimeTemp mobile has arrived! On our native mobile app, users can:

  1. Clock in and out of shifts

  2. Submit and manage timesheets

  3. Receive notifications for: 

  4. Timesheet approved

  5. Timesheet rejected

  6. Unsubmitted timesheets

*TimeTemp Mobile is available on both iOS and Android.

That's it folks - we hope you enjoy these system enhancements designed to streamline your processes - happy billing & here's to an awesome 2019!  🎉

Team Vincere 🧡 

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