Inside Vincere there are two ways to connect your emails.

Firstly you can connect your Office 365 or Gmail business emails through user settings. This allows you to sync your emails and calendar inside Vincere. Check out how here

Secondly there is also an option for system mail settings. This is a secondary email entered only once by your super user as a backup.Ā 

If for whatever reason your personal emails aren't connected or have disconnected (if you've changed your email password etc) any emails sent from Vincere will still send - however they'll send from what is entered in system mail settings by your Vincere super user. Ā This is why it's important to enter a generic business email in here e.g. orĀ 

Important: If there's nothing entered here the email will still send- but it will send from so it's important to enter a backup company wide email here - not a personal email.Ā 

Follow these steps to setup your company wide backup email:

  1. Head to Admin SettingsĀ 

2. Choose Email | LinkedIn Settings and then 2. System Mail Settings

3. Enter your company wide generic email domain in here e.g. orĀ 

4. Add a company generic signature > hit save and you're good to go!

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