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Export to CSV (Excel)
Export to CSV (Excel)

Vincere Super Users (Administrators) can export data to a CSV file.

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Need to run a email campaign, or just want to back up data from Vincere to CSV? No problem. With Vincere, super users (administrators) can export your data (up to 5000 records/time) to a CSV file. 

⛔️Important: Only your dedicated Super Users (Administrators have this option) to export to CSV. You can configure user permissions here

Here's how to export: 

Step 1: Go to Vincere Advanced Search

Step 2: Click on the action icon on the top right corner and click on export to CSV

Step 3: Give you file a name 

Step 4: All done, just hit save and you'll be emailed the export shortly. 

This will be queued and will be emailed to your inbox. Normally this should take no more than 5 minutes. Go to your inbox and you now have the file waiting in your inbox, simple. 

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