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Parse individual CVs using advanced Daxtra technology

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Reduce the cost and effort spent on manual data entry and candidate database population with this awesome little Vincere hack.ย 

Vincere uses DaXtra CV Parsing, which has a rich structured data output in well-defined XML schema for CV/resume.ย 

Daxtra CV Parsing is a program that can analyze a document, and extract from it the elements of what the writer actually meant to say. In the case of a CV, the information is all about skills, work experience, education, contact details, and achievements.

The most common CV/Resume formats are MS Word and pdf. Despite being easy for humans to read and understand, it is quite difficult for a computer to interpret. Unlike our brains which gain or disseminate context through understanding the situation along with taking into consideration the words around it, to a computer a resume is just a long sequence of letters, numbers, and punctuation.

With this technology embedded straight into Vincere parsing CVs couldn't be easier.ย 

NOTE: the below step are for parsing CV's one-by-one. To read about our bulk import tool, see here.

Just head to a Candidate > Upload Resume and hit Parse.

Check out the gif below with how easy it really is:

If a Candidate sends you a new updated resume that you'd like to auto parse upload the latest resume to the Candidate profile, location the file from the files tab, hit actions, and then Parse. Vincere will then parse in the new details in the fields on the Candidate summary.ย 

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