Making calls from within Vincere at the click of a button

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Using a VoIP system such as Skype, Aircall or Facetime? Want to make calls from inside Vincere? No problem!

You can setup your computers default VoIP application to Aircall for example which then means whenever you click on a telephone number inside Vincere, it will automatically launch Aircall with the number pre-populated. How awesome is that!Β 

Check out the quick video below demonstrating how it works:Β 

Remember, the phone is your friend - and now it's even easier to make friends! #TheVincereWay πŸ•Ί


πŸ”Ž *Aircall, Skype and other VoIP services are third party apps and may require a separate subscription. For more info on Aircall and Skype check out the links below:

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