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1. 🇪🇺Q: How can I get a list of candidates with a specific status and send them an invitation to the Engagement Hub?

A: You can do this by using the table filters in the ATS. Within the ‘Consent to Keep’ column, you can choose to view candidates with specific statuses. Once you’ve filtered down to your desired view, you can bulk select and send them the ‘Invite to Engagement Hub’ email.

2. 🇪🇺Q: Who receives notifications when there is no candidate or Job owner?

A: By default, Vincere sends notifications to the Candidate owner(s) and Job owner(s). If there are no specified owners, you can decide the users who will receive these notifications:

Go to Marketplace > Engagement Hub Setup > Candidate Portal > Subscribers for GDPR notifications

3. 🇪🇺Q: What if I’m not using the Engagement Hub? How can I track GDPR Compliance?

A: You have the option to do this manually. Within the Compliance section of each candidate’s profile, you’re able to manually update the GDPR related fields.

4. 🇪🇺Q: GDPR does not affect me because I do not deal with citizens in the EU. Is there a way I can turn off the functionality on the Engagement Hub?

A: Yes you can. In the Setup page, navigate to Candidate Portal > Settings. Look for Privacy | GDPR section. Simply toggle the feature off to disable the GDPR-compliance features.

5. 🇪🇺Q: What happens when a candidate applies for a job who is not yet registered on the portal?

A: There is no longer an ‘Apply Now’ button on the application page. All candidates will be required to register for an account and actively selecting the T&C’s and Privacy Policy before applying for a job.

6. 🇪🇺 Q: What happens if candidates apply via Job Boards?

A: If Candidates apply through a job board, and are not already in Vincere, Vincere will invite them to the portal/hub automatically.

Still got questions? Feel free to reach out to us and we'd be more than happy to help! 

7. 🇪🇺Q: What happens if I send a Job to a Candidate through Vincere in terms of GDPR compliance? 

A: Whenever you send a job to a Candidate through Vincere (email template #6), it will ask the Candidate to accept the role 

"Yes - I want to learn more & apply:

If they click on this it will mark them as consent given in the GDPR compliance section on the Candidates profile (for one year) and show this in the activities feedback on the candidate record. 

8. 🇪🇺Q: Do we get a notification if someone requests to be forgotten or do we have to go into the candidate record?

A: If your candidate requests to be forgotten, you will receive the following notifications:

Email notification; this is sent to the email address of the Job owner immediately

In-app notification; this is  shown when you go into the candidate’s profile.

9. 🇪🇺Q: Once someone has requested to be forgotten, do we have to physically delete the record, or does it happen automatically?

A: As explained in the previous question, you will be notified and it’s your legal obligation to take the appropriate action. 

Vincere does not delete the record automatically as it is a case-by-case basis for every candidate (e.g what happens if your candidate is already placed? If your candidate is in the interview stage?) We notify you but ultimately, it’s up to you to take the right course of action.

10. 🇪🇺Q: How do we extract the data we hold for candidates?

A: You can easily export data for your candidates by using our Export to CSV functionality from Advanced Search. Simply search for your candidate and hit ‘Export to CSV’

11. 🇪🇺Q: Once someone has requested to be forgotten the recruiter has the ability to change their status back or cancel the request – is there a way to change this in user settings, so only super users can make these changes.

A: Not at the moment, this functionality is for all users. Every action is logged automatically so you will always have an audit-able evidence of what is done by whom and when. You can see this in the candidate’s profile under Activities.

12. 🇪🇺Q: When deleted, where do the candidates details go? To the same place when you normally delete a candidate?

A: Deleting candidates permanently in Vincere is a 2-step process. When a user deletes a candidate, it goes into a holding pen for super users to delete. Check out more details here

13. 🇪🇺Q: Once requested when you enter the candidate record it says ‘don’t show me this again’ – is this just for that specific candidate or for all that have requested to be forgotten? And is that just for that user or for all users on Vincere?

A: The ‘Don’t show me this again’ is option is specific to the candidate and specific to every user. 

The notification is shown to all users inside Vincere. If User A selects ‘Don’t show me this again’, it will no longer be shown for User A but other users who have not selected ‘Don’t show me this again’, will see the pop-up as long as pop-up isn’t dismissed.

14. 🇪🇺Q: Are there plans to have the consent status on the top display by address and email address?

A: At the moment, the GDPR compliance dashboard is available in the compliance section of the Candidates profile. If you add the ‘Consent to keep’ column to the table, you're able to see the status of your candidates at a glance like below:

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