Hotlists are simply lists of any Companies, Contacts, Jobs & Candidates that have been marked as 'Hot' inside Vincere. 

The reason to mark records as 'Hot' is because you know that they are actively looking to make placements (Companies/Contacts/Jobs) or seeking a new position (Candidates). Inside Hot Lists, records will be marked with the number of Jobs (Companies/Contacts/Candidates) or Candidates (Jobs). This allows users to ensure that they are focusing their attention on records that they know are likely, if handled correctly, to generate revenue in the near future.

It's really easy to make records 'Hot'.  Simply select the record(s) you wish to make hot > Actions > Make Hot and select the number of days you wish for them to be hot. 

These records are then tagged as 'Hot' where you can add a Hot custom column too so you can easily see who is/isn't hot. 

🔥PRO TIP: You can even search 'Hot' records in Vincere Search, eaaaassy! 

 🔥PRO TIP: You can then track them inside Vincere Intelligence too for an even bigger drill down

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