All the information you need related to your employees and managers is easily accessible from this dashboard.

The main menu is on the left. From here, you can see Submitted timesheets, Unsubmitted timesheets, Approved and Rejected timesheets, Employees and companies you’re working with. All you have to do is click and jump into the category you want to see.

The last category here is Management. There are 2 tabs here. Email Logs allows you to see all emails by type and status. The Users tab allows you to see all employees, managers and recruiters. 

As you can see, using TimeTemp is really easy but before you go, here’s a pro-tip for you. Unless there’s something very specific you wish to see, you don’t actually have to log into TimeTemp to view timesheets. 

Go to Vincere, and go to Applications. Let’s jump to the Onboarding stage of the pipeline. Click on the dropdown here to switch the table views to ‘timesheets - voila.’ 

If you don’t see timesheet option available to you in the table, contact your administrator to enable the permissions for you. 

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