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Email Notification for Onboarding Documents | Vincere Portals
Email Notification for Onboarding Documents | Vincere Portals

Do you want to know how to get notified when a candidate uploaded documents for onboarding in your Vincere Portals? Here's how:

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To set this up, access your Vincere Portals Admin Dashboard, click on Email and go to the Candidate email templates tab. Select template 14. Notification for Onboarding documents.

In this template, you can specify the email addresses of the recipients of this email notification. It could be the candidate owners, your onboarding team, or your compliance team and edit the content of the template and use the wildcards.

These are the wildcards available in this template:

⚠️ Important Note: The #Onboardingdocumenttable# wildcard should not be removed from the email content.

Once you’re happy, hit on ‘Update’ to save.

Awesome, right! 📨#TheVincereWay

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