Here’s a checklist to help you get started - we’re here to help you make it happen.

Step one – Admin and Site settings

β˜‘οΈ Upload your Company logo and favicon

β˜‘οΈ Configure site settings: Site Title, Site Email, Date Format, Currency Format

β˜‘οΈ Set up Email templates for your Site

Step two – Set up your Portals

β˜‘οΈ Set up your Job Search (Job Portal) page (faceted search/single page search)

β˜‘οΈ Set up your job's details

β˜‘οΈ Post your jobs from Vincere to Digital

β˜‘οΈ Set up your Candidate Portal & Client Portal

β˜‘οΈ Set up the candidate's login and candidate registration.

β˜‘οΈ Set up Email Templates for Candidate & Client Portals

β˜‘οΈ Set up your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Step three - Integrations & Domain

β˜‘οΈ Connect your Google for Jobs, ReCaptcha and Google Analytics account

β˜‘οΈ Set your custom domain and your site is live!

If you need help, at any point, let us know. You can do this by starting a new conversation with us from the Help Center - or you can have a search through our shiny new Digital library - it's pretty cool! 😎

Once again welcome aboard Vincere Portals, we can't wait to take you on our journey to be the best.

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