A quick demo of RoboRecruiter 👇

What is RoboRecruiter?

RoboRecruiter is the recruitment chat offering from Gupshup, which sends over 6 billion messages globally per month.

Here's how the integration works:

  • When a Job is added to Vincere, RoboRecruiter automatically creates a chatbot for that Job that is set up to qualify Candidates.

  • When a Candidate is shortlisted for a Job, they receive a WhatsApp message from a chatbot to engage with. Responses are sent back to the Job and the Candidate.

  • The default integration of RoboRecruiter into the Candidate record allows you to reach out to the Candidate based on an action that may occur to update Candidate details.

  • Live chat between the Candidate and a consultant can happen across WhatsApp. The conversion can be added back to Vincere as an interaction record.

  • The integration can also be customized.

How to get started:

To get started with a RoboRecruiter account, reach out to sales@roborecruiter.ai.

Need support for the RoboRecruiter integration?

Contact customersuccess@roborecruiter.ai for help.

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