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Updates to Shift Notifications in Mobile & more

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We’ve made changes for Shift Notifications on Mobile and added some other updates to make TimeTemp UI even better.

1/ UI Updates

a. TimeTemp web updates

  • Sidebar expand / collapse enabled

  • Changed the menu to display titles when the mouse hovers over the icon

b. Shift Calendar updates

  • Separated Shift information into two sections:

    • Scheduled Shift: details about the set shift

    • Timesheet: details about times the worker logged via TimeTemp

2/ Notification Updates | TimeTemp Mobile

We’ve added more shift assignment and cancelation notifications for workers using TimeTemp.

Plus, workers can now set up notification preferences for the Mobile app.

a. New Shift Assignment notification added

  • Workers can click through the notification to see Shift details.

b. New Shift Cancelation notification added

c. Under “Notification Settings,” a new “Shift Reminders'' section has been added. Workers can set which Shift Notifications they would like to receive on Mobile.

d. Updates to existing Shift Notification times:

  • Reminder 2 hours before shift starts

  • Reminder 5 minutes before shift starts

  • Reminder to clock out 5 minutes after shift ends

  • No Shift Notifications sent on a day with leave requested

3/ Manager / Approver List Updates

We’ve updated the rules for showing Contacts under the Manager or Approver roles in TimeTemp.

If a Contact is set as both Manager and Approver in TimeTemp, they will now be shown in both the Manager and Approver lists.

Now it will be easier to find the right Contact no matter which role you search for.

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