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The Scoop Integration for Vincere
The Scoop Integration for Vincere

What is The Scoop Integration, how to get started, and where to go for support

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A quick demo of The Scoop 👇

What is The Scoop?

The Scoop is the first sales & branding tool built for the recruitment sector. It’s a fully customizable digital landing page to package podcasts, bios, job adverts, candidates, social proof and testimonials.

Here's how the integration works:

  • The Scoop can link all consultants’ live vacancies to their digital landing page

  • Through the integration, The Scoop will fetch jobs from Vincere that are open, posted and public

  • The Job Owner field will map from Vincere to the Recruiter's Profile in The Scoop

  • Once an application is submitted through The Scoop, consultants will see the Candidate information in Vincere, and applications can be shown in the Jobs shortlisted tab

How to get started?

To get started, book in a demo with The Scoop here:

Once your account with The Scoop is set up, they will help connect your Vincere account to the Recruiter's Profile on their digital site.

Need support for The Scoop integration?

For additional support, contact

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