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Report v39 February ‘22 Release | Vincere Intelligence
Report v39 February ‘22 Release | Vincere Intelligence

New Job Type filter in Pipeline Activities, an updated Data Integrity export file, and layout improvements for Future Fees.

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1/ *New* Job Type filter in Pipeline Activities

We’ve added a new Job Type filter to the Pipeline Activities dashboard to break down data from your ATS pipeline.

Now you can see if there’s one Job Type that has more bottlenecks in the pipeline, or one where Clients tend to get stuck.

2/ Data Integrity | Added tables in export files

We have increased the amount of information available to you in the export file from the Data Integrity dashboard.

Besides showing a list of duplicate records, the export file now contains the following data tables from the dashboard:

  • Top Offenders

  • Candidates

  • Contacts

You can use the Candidates and Contacts tabs to view the integrity scores of these records.

3/ Future Fees | Layout improvements

We’ve rearranged the Future Fees dashboard layout to make it clearer and easy to read.

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