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Creating Vinneo Outreach Videos from Quick View
Creating Vinneo Outreach Videos from Quick View

Making personalized videos from within Vincere

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Sometimes written words aren’t enough. With Vinneo’s Outreach function, you can make personalized videos from within Vinny and send them out with just a few clicks.

How to create an Outreach video

From inside Vincere Core, click on the Quick Add button and choose “Video Outreach” from the dropdown menu.

How to edit & personalize your Outreach

You have plenty of options to add a personal touch to your Outreach videos.

  • Link the video to a Candidate or Contact - this will put the Outreach in their profile under the Files tab

  • Set an expiry date for when you would like your Outreach to be unviewable

  • Set a pixel ID for Facebook or LinkedIn tracking

Once you’re finished, click “Save” to finalize the Outreach settings.

How to send an Outreach video

Once you finish your Outreach, there are multiple ways to send it out. You can send Outreach messages via social media, to Contacts or Candidates, or by email.

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